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Assessor SQA Unit L&D9DI Assess Workplace Competence Using Direct and Indirect Methods

This Unit is for those who assess in the workplace using a wide range of assessment
methods, both direct and indirect. The person wishing to achieve this Unit (the assessor candidate) will use the following direct methods:

examination of work products (both created and not created at the time of observation)


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The types of activities the assessor-candidate will be involved in include:

1 Preparing to assess
2 Planning assessments
3 Assessing candidate performance and knowledge
4 Confirming progression and achievement

To achieve this Unit the assessor-candidate must assess the competence of two candidates
on two occasions in their place of work using a set of standards such as those provided by a
national awarding/standard setting body or the candidates’ employer.

The assessor-candidate’s knowledge will be assessed by them taking part in a discussion
with their assessor, or answering questions (either written or oral), or providing a statement
of how and why they carried out certain activities, or a combination of these.

The assessor-candidate’s performance will be assessed by their assessor observing them
carrying out assessments and by looking at products of their work such as:

notes relating to pre-assessment planning discussions
assessment plans agreed with the candidates
records detailing assessment decisions
feedback records used to convey progression/achievement to the candidates
records of the standardisation activities the assessor-candidate has been involved in

The assessor will also observe the assessor-candidate assessing, giving feedback to at least
one of the candidates and reviewing progress.

SQA Approved Centre - 3027465

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  • Introduction
  • Housekeeping
  • Identity Check
  • Qallies Policies
  • Controls and navigation video
  • Assessment Plan
  • Assessment Plan Introduction
  • SQA Unit L and D 9 DI
  • Assessment Plan L and 9 D 9 DI
  • Practical Guide for Assessor Candidates
  • Selection of Standards & I.D confirmation
  • Module 1 Prepare to Assess
  • Module 1 Introduction
  • Module 1 Prepare to Assess slides
  • Prepare to Assess
  • Example industry competence standard
  • Example SQA standard for this unit
  • Module 1 Knowledge Assessment
  • Module 2 Plan Assessments
  • Module 2 Introduction
  • Module 2 Plan Assessments slides
  • Assessment Plan
  • Example assessment plan
  • Module 2 Knowledge Assessment
  • Module 3 Assess candidate performance and knowledge
  • Module 3 Introduction
  • Module 3 Assess Candidate Performance and Knowledge slides
  • Judging Evidence
  • Module 3 Knowledge Assessment
  • Module 4 Confirm progression and achievement
  • Module 4 Introduction
  • Module 4 Confirm Progression and Achievement slides
  • Feedback
  • Internal Verification
  • Module 4 Knowledge Assessment
  • Assessment Plan Example
  • Module 5 Practical Assessment
  • Candidate Feeback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed